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Surface Marker Buoy Diver
(Distinctive Specialty)

Why Wreck Diver?

This course covers the knowledge and techniques required for the safe use of surface marker buoys (SMBs) and delayed surface marker buoys (DSMBs). Surface marker buoys serve a range of purposes that include marking boundaries for mapping or search and recovery, or alerting boat traffi c to the presence of divers, or providing a line as a visual reference for ascending divers. DSMBs are deployed just before ascent underwater as both an ascent reference and to mark the group/buddy team location. Knowledge development through classroom presentations and/or on-site briefings. Successful completion of 2 open water training dives and corresponding skills required.

What do I need to start?

  • Certified as a PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver or have proof of entry-level scuba certification with a minimum of four open water training dives.
  • At least 12 years of age.

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